I've Gotta Win!
Chapter 31
Chapter 31, Volume 4
Title I've Gotta Win!
Release date July 13, 2009
Anime episode Episode 12
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I've Gotta Win! is the thirty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami thinks to himself that he will lose if Kuroko is not there. He feels he has to get stronger-strong enough to win on his own. Presently, Hyuuga sinks a three easily. Takao claims that he’s good, but they have Midorima who is better. Now that Kuroko is benched, Takao can block Kagami so Midorima can shoot freely. However, Kagami states that this has become their weakness since they let him see this play so often—the longer the shot-the longer it takes to make the shot. He breaks free from Takao, and once again jumps to stop Midorima. His finger touches the ball, and this time, Midorima misses. Nevertheless, Oostubo succeeds in slamming the ball in. Riko orders Koganei and Mitobe to double team Oostubo.

Takao passes to Midorima, but Kagami stops him again. Catching the ball, Izuki states their play has another weakness—since Midorima shoots from so far away, once Kagami blocks him, Seirin can easily counter because the ball is close to the Shutoku net. Kise notes that Kagami’s strength that can rival the Generation of Miracles is revealed-his jumping ability. Oostubo tries to score, but Kagami stops him as well. Kagami thinks to himself that he’ll win, even if he has to do it alone. Everyone thinks Kagami is amazing, but Kuroko responds negatively—he has a bad feeling about what’s happening.

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