I've Made Up My Mind Now!
Chapter 77
Chapter 77, Volume 9
Title I've Made Up My Mind Now!
Japanese 腹は決めた!
Romanized Hara wa Kimeta!
Anime episode Episode 26
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I've Made Up My Mind Now! is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


After seeing Tatsuya again, Kagami is unsure about how to react. Kuroko suddenly uses Tetsuya 2’s paw to hit Kagami in the face. Kuroko tells an irritated Kagami that he was wrong—no one likes it when their rival goes easy on them in the game that they love. Moreover, their battle is still unsettled because of Himuro’s injury. Finally, even if one of them wins, Kuroko explains that their relationship really won’t change. Kagami regains his resolve after hearing Kuroko’s words. He tells Tatsuya that this is the perfect moment to settle their score. Tatsuya agrees with him. He suddenly turns to Kuroko and asks him who he is. Looking at Tatsuya, Iwamura can’t believe that someone could be as strong as one of the Generation of Miracles.

Kuroko introduces himself; recognizing his name, Tatsuya tells Kagami he’s found an interesting partner. Kagami is shocked that Tatsuya knew about Kuroko. Tatsuya explains that he has an interesting player on his team too; he told him about Kuroko.

Meanwhile, Riko relates the Interhigh results to the other Seirin players. She states that Rakuzan came in first, second Tōō Academy, and third Yosen. Everyone wonders how this happened. She explains that the results don’t reflect their true abilities because all three members of the Generation of Miracles didn’t participate in the semifinals and finals. She tells them that Kuroko may know something, but he’s playing at the streetball tournament right now.

Seirin and Tatsuya’s team both get ready for the final game of the tournament. Tatsuya thinks that he just joined this team impulsively; it may be difficult to win. However, he’s confident he can crush Seirin on his own. Simultaneously, Kuroko speaks to Kagami. He tells Kagami he’s not trying to be rude or insult Kagami’s skills; however, Himuro smells just like one of the Generation of Miracles. Kagami laughs and agrees; nevertheless, he’s happy because he loves facing strong opponents, and he can’t wait to see what Tatsuya will do. When the ball is tossed to start the game, someone suddenly places a candy bar on top of it, shocking everyone. Tatsuya acknowledges him, asking him if he got lost again. The boy replies that he did and apologizes. Kuroko suddenly speaks to the boy, addressing him as Murasakibara-kun. Kagami can’t believe this is the Generation of Miracles’ famous center. Murasakibara turns to Kuroko, surprised to see him here. He states Kuroko looks as serious as ever—Kuroko looks so serious that he just wants to crush him.

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