I’ll Definitely Stop This Shot is the twenty-ninth volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


Akashi starts by crushing Seirin’s two hopes—Hyuuga is benched when he has four fouls, and Kagami is unable to stop Akashi. Nevertheless, Kuroko desperately states that he wants to win with everyone, and he reenters the game. Seeing Kuroko’s determination, Kagami also regains his fighting spirit and reenters the Zone. Kuroko succeeds in overwriting Mayuzumi, shocking everyone. Still, Akashi continues to “use” Mayuzumi to disrupt Kagami’s line of sight. All of Seirin’s players work together to attack Rakuzan; however, because they lack a strong shooter, they are unable to close the point gap. Nonetheless, Koganei’s efforts succeed in helping Hyuuga see through Mibuchi’s techniques, and he also reenters the game. Meanwhile, Mayuzumi notices that Akashi is acting strangely.


Major story events



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