I’ll Show You Something N.I.C.E. ♥
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Chapter 242
Chapter 242
Title I’ll Show You Something N.I.C.E. ♥
Ī Mono Misete A.GE.RU ♡
Release date December 11, 2013
Anime episode Episode 69
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I’ll Show You Something N.I.C.E. ♥ is the two hundredth and forty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Hyuuga recalls his time as a first year high school student. He respected the shooting styles of two basketball players; one of them was from his own generation-Reo Mibuchi - who had a smooth yet explosive style. One day when Izuki was talking to him about a TV show, Hyuuga explained that he skipped it because it reminded him of the two things he can’t stand- “girly girls and girly men”.

Presently, as Hyuuga faces Mibuchi, he realizes Mibuchi possesses the qualities that he loves and hates. Mibuchi suddenly smiles and effortlessly shoots a fade-away three pointer, shocking Hyuuga. Studying Mibuchi’s shot, Sakurai is astounded by Mibuchi’s strength. Hyuuga realizes that he shouldn’t be in awe of Mibuchi right now—Mibuchi is his rival. He immediately counters with Barrier Jumper. After seeing Hyuuga’s shot, Nebuya tells Mibuchi that Hyuuga’s style is similar to Mibuchi’s. Mibuchi thinks that Hyuuga customized it and made it his own. He believes that Hyuuga is not bad at all.

Mibuchi tells Akashi to continue to give him the ball. Akashi replies that he can do what he wants as much as he wants. A shooting showdown between the two players commences, but eventually Mibuchi starts pressuring Hyuuga. Finally, Mibuchi takes a different stance. He states he wants to thank Hyuuga for entertaining him. Watching him, Hanamiya can’t believe that he is revealing that technique now. He goes on to explain to his teammates Mibuchi’s shooting arsenal: “Ten” (Heaven) which he shoots while moving away from his opponent; “Chi” (Earth) which he shoots confronting his opponent; and finally, “Kokuu” (Void) which he shoots by immobilizing his opponent.

On the court, Hyuuga is stupefied by his inability to move. He watches helplessly as Mibuchi shoots “Kokuu”. Hanamiya announces that Mibuchi is actually the General with three shots-“Yaksha”.

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  • Pronounced “Yasha”, it’s a Buddhist nature fairy.