I’m Doing All That I Can Like This
Chapter 256
Chapter 256
Title I’m Doing All That I Can Like This
Kore Demo Hisshida yo
Release date April 2, 2014
Anime episode Episode 71
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We’re Gonna Do Our Best!
Let’s Do This, Rakuzan!!

I’m Doing All That I Can Like This is the two hundreth and fifty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


On Seirin’s bench, Hyuuga realizes that Koganei’s actions and Mibuchi’s transitions were not coincidences. Mibuchi’s form underwent changes which triggered Koganei’s instincts.

As the game continues, Nebuya stops Kuroko and Kiyoshi’s combo attack; he adds that Kiyoshi has become really tame. Nevertheless, Kagami gets the ball from Kiyoshi and scores for Seirin. After the play, Koganei also pats Kiyoshi on the shoulder, trying to cheer him up by saying Kiyoshi’s catchphrase “Let’s have fun”.

As the other teams in the stands watch Koganei, they conclude that he is not a mediocre player at all. Imayoshi points out, however, that he still has to stand up to Mibuchi. When Mibuchi faces Koganei, he decides to use “Kokuu” and defeat him. Koganei realizes that this is the shot Mibuchi used in the second quarter that restricts movement. He recalls his conversation with his older sister. He used to try a sport and then quit after a while. She tried to explain to him that no sport would be fun right from the start—he had to stick with one and learn. After quitting the tennis team, he took up basketball because he saw Mitobe playing. Koganei thinks he tries hard with it as well; he was about to quit again because it was so exhausting; however, Mitobe convinced him to stay.

At first, he felt he would drag everyone down, but after a while, he improved. When Kiyoshi was injured, he felt bitter, and when Seirin lost the Interhigh last year, he cried. Today, he has realized how strongly he feels about basketball—he wants to win no matter what.

Koganei jumps to block “Void”; jolted, Mibuchi shoots and scores. However, once the play is over, Koganei feels like he missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to defeat “Kokuu”. An enraged Mibuchi darkly glares at Koganei when Koganei turns to look at him.

On Seirin’s bench, Riko explains that Mibuchi grasped two truths with that play: one, somehow, Koganei is not controlled by “Kokuu’s” paralyzing power; second, he cannot reach high enough to block him. Mibuchi, therefore, only needs to shoot higher to continue defeating Koganei. She frustratingly thinks that the outcome would have been different if Koganei was about five centimeters taller. Hyuuga suddenly speaks up that it wasn’t there last chance to stop Mibuchi. Thanks to Koganei, he now has a strategy to defeat Mibuchi. He asks Riko to send him out once again.

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