I’ve Already Won
Chapter 243
Chapter 243
Title I’ve Already Won
Watashi no Kachi ne
Release date December 18, 2013
Anime episode Episode 69
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I’ve Already Won is the two hundredth and forty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Hyuuga realizes that it’s not that he couldn’t move—he was fascinated by Mibuchi’s technique. In the next play, when Mibuchi is about to block Barrier Jumper, Hyuuga passes to Kiyoshi instead. Kiyoshi passes to Kagami who scores. The score is 33 to 44 with Rakuzan in the lead. In the next play, Mibuchi tells Akashi to pass him the ball again; this time he wants to grade Hyuuga since he has already won.

Mibuchi faces Hyuuga again; he shoots, but Hyuuga accidentally fouls him while he is shooting, resulting in a four-point play. Imayoshi announces that Hyuuga has already fallen. No matter how they look at it, Mibuchi is the better shooter. After Mibuchi scores the free throw shot, his mocking smile infuriates Hyuuga. Izuki tells him to shake it off; Kiyoshi decides that he wants to start attacking now. He faces Nebuya in the next play, but Nebuya stops him. Nebuya declares that all he is using is strength—he has no tricks. He tells Kiyoshi that he never forgot their first encounter.

Flashback: In Nebuya’s first year of middle school, he was a power forward; nevertheless, in one game, he faced Kiyoshi who usually played as a center. When Kiyoshi defeated him, Nebuya couldn’t believe someone who never played the position managed to beat him. Kiyoshi then offered him some advice—besides only relying on his strength, maybe he could try learning another skill.

Presently, Nebuya announces that he knew he had to build his muscles to incredible proportions—“muscles don’t lie”. This is why he possesses Herculean strength. After hearing his proclamation, Yosen discusses what his words mean. Himuro and Murasakibara completely disagree with his ideas; Himuro adds that Nebuya is completely denying individual skill. Murasakibara states that his interest is not “zero” in what’s about to happen since Kiyoshi is also one of the Uncrowned Kings.

Back on the court, Kiyoshi apologizes to Nebuya because he had forgotten that encounter. Now is the perfect time to change Nebuya’s mind.

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