I Accept Your Challenge
Chapter 230
Chapter 230
Title I Accept Your Challenge
Ukete Yarou
Release date September 16, 2013
Anime episode Episode 67
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I Accept Your Challenge is the two hundred and thirtieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Tōō Academy's basketball team is heading to the arena to watch the Winter Cup finals, unexpectedly accompanied by Aomine. Along the way, they meet another team, Yōsen High, and the two teams go watch the finals together. Aomine and Murasakibara meet for the first time after the opening ceremony and discuss how the outcomes of today's matches might end. Aomine tells Murasakibara that without Kise, Kaijō doesn't stand a chance against Shūtoku, resulting in Kaijō's defeat. Aomine, however, is unsure of the outcome for the finals, thus being the reason he came to watch. Meanwhile, disqualified teams, friends and the relatives of the team members participating are gathering in the stadium to watch the matches.

Seirin during warm-up

Seirin faces Rakuzan…

Shūtoku is leading 36-21 against Kaijō in the 1st half of the third place match. Both of the teams are playing to their fullest; however, it is turning out to be a one-sided match. Without Kise, there is no one who is be able to stop Midorima. Thus, the 1st half of the game ends with the score of 49-28 for Shūtoku. During the 10 minute intermission, Rakuzan and Seirin begin their warm-up. As the warming-up commences, Hyūga notices that not one of the Rakuzan players is missing their lay-ups and how perfect their form is. This gives them an imaginable idea of just how much the Rakuzan players devote themselves to practice-a thought which makes them tremble.

Rakuzan during warm-up

...who accept their challenge

The Uncrowned Kings Nebuya, Mibuchi and Hayama discuss their match-ups for today's match: Nebuya will be guarding Kiyoshi, Mibuchi will be guarding Hyūga, and Hayama will guard Kagami. Their goal is to completely destroy Seirin. Nebuya then asks Akashi if he will be a starter for today's match, with Akashi replying that today's opponents are strong and should not be underestimated, but he adds that the winner will be Rakuzan as their basketball is absolute. A ball then rolls up to Akashi who returns the ball to Kuroko. Akashi expresses his surprise and had thought from the beginning that Kuroko could not reach to where he stands now. He then asks Kuroko if he has the answer for his question from before and Kuroko replies that he has. The two then accept each others' declaration of war.

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