I Already Knew
Chapter 210
Chapter 210, Volume 24
Title I Already Knew
Wakatteta Kotta
Release date April 15, 2013
Anime episode Episode 64
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I Already Knew is the two hundred and tenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko talks to Akashi and Aomine; he states he has not yet received his uniform. Aomine lightly chops him on the head. Akashi apologizes, telling Kuroko that he’ll get one as soon as his place is assured. However, he is not worried considering Kuroko’s remarkable performance in the previous game. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean Kuroko can play poorly during practice.

Again in practice, Kuroko’s pass doesn’t reach. Murasakibara again tells at Kuroko to take this seriously. Midorima yells that they won’t be able to finish practice unless they can perfect their three-man weave. Watching everyone, Nijimura observes that the atmosphere during practice has really changed—the player talk to each other more, and they lightly argue as well. He realizes that this is probably because of Kuroko. He has transformed them into an interesting team.

A few months late, when the second year starts, Aomine and Kuroko walk to practice together. Kuroko notes that Aomine has grown taller. Aomine suddenly realizes they have to run, or they’ll be late.

At practice, Kuroko receives an official spot on the team as the Phantom Sixth Man. Everyone congratulates him; furthermore, from now on, only they will be playing in the official games. Hearing the news, Nijimura realizes the “time” has come. On his way home, Kuroko also texts someone (Ogiwara) about his good news; his friend immediately congratulates him.

Later on, Momoi brings an overjoyed Kuroko his uniform. At first, she is shocked by his lack of presence. Afterwards, she adds that another boy will be joining the team, Ryota Kise.

At practice, Kise enthusiastically greets “Aominechhi”, telling him he joined the club to play with him. Aomine smiles awkwardly, and he introduces Kise to his mentor, Kuroko. Kise is startled when he meets him, and he is stupefied when he finds out Kuroko is a regular. After observing Kise’s incredible growth rate in only two weeks, Murasakibara states the Kise is different from somebody he knows. Kuroko immediately asks him to leave him alone.

After practice, Kise announces that he wants a different mentor—Kuroko is completely worthless in his eyes. Aomine tells him that’s uncool; furthermore, Kise should believe in Kuroko’s strength. As they argue, Midorima alerts Akashi; Murasakibara yawns and says it’ll be pointless to explain it to Kise—he still won’t understand Kuroko’s strength. Akashi decides he’ll handle this situation because Kise continuously refuses to acknowledge Kuroko.

Meanwhile, Nijimura talks to Coach Sanada and asks him to make Akashi team captain.

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  • Kise is the boy who is walking in the hall when Aomine and Kuroko realize they are almost late for practice.
  • After winning the Middle School Championships, this Teiko team is crowned the “Generation of Miracles”.