I Believe in You
Episode 13
Episode 13
Title I Believe in You
Shinji te Mashita
Air date June 30, 2012
Manga chapters Chapter 33, 34 and 35
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I Believed in You (信じてました, Shinji te Mashita) is the thirteenth episode of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


The 4th quarter begins. Riko told Kagami he only has two more jumps left in him, and he uses the first to block Midorima as a bluff. Kuroko uses his misdirection on Takao to draw his attention to himself, then refocus Takao's sight and slip away. Kuroko then uses his fast pass that only Kagami can catch, and Kagami uses up another of his jumps to dunk past Midorima. With less than 3 minutes left in the game and Shutoku barely in the lead, 76-78, Shutoku calls a time-out and their coach tells them to let Midorima take the shots since Kagami is worn out. However, Seirin predicted this and the score is locked until Midorima scores a 3 with 30 seconds remaining and Hyuga counters with a 3. The ball is knocked out of court and Hyuga scores another 3 with 3 seconds remaining. Seirin think they have won, but Shutoku passes to Midorima. Kagami manages to squeeze out one more jump, but it was a fake, and Midorima goes to retake the shot. Kuroko, also believing Kagami would jump, knocks the ball out of Midorima's hands as he lowers it. Seirin win, 82-81. Later, standing out in the rain, Midorima gets a call from another Member of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine, and warns him to be careful in the Championship game. 

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