I Can't Help But Laugh
Chapter 185
Chapter 185, Volume 21
Title I Can't Help But Laugh
Waratcha Imasu ne
Release date October 8, 2012
Anime episode Episode 57
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Strike First For Certain Victory!
It's Your Time To Shine!

I Can't Help But Laugh is the one hundred and eighty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin is shocked to see that Kise has entered the Zone right at the beginning of the game.

In the next play, Kuroko uses Ignite Pass to get the ball to Kiyoshi. Against Kobori, he uses his Right of Postponement to pass to Hyuuga. But before Hyuuga can shoot and score, Kise knocks the ball away with Murasakibara’s block, shocking Hyuuga. Kasamatsu gets the loose ball and passes to Kise who gets past Kiyoshi with a fake. Jarred, Kiyoshi realizes that Kise just used Aomine’s Change of Pace. Kiyoshi and Izuki both analyze that Kise is combining the styles of the Generation of Miracles for maximum effect. Kagami rushes to stop him—Hyuuga calls out that they are depending on him. In the stands, Himuro analyzes that if Kagami doesn't use his "animal instincts", he won't be able to counter Kise. However, Kise declares that no on can stop him now. Jolting everyone, he uses Ankle Break to make Kagami fall. Kise then easily shoots and scores. Startled, Kagami realizes that Kise is using Akashi’s Emperor Eye as well. Kaijo enthusiastically cheers on their team.

In the stands, Himuro comments that Kise’s copies are not exactly like the originals; nevertheless, they are of very high quality, so they are very effective. Simultaneously, Riko tells the benched members that Kaijo “got them”—Kagami’s Zone is the only thing that can counter Kise. However, there is no chance that Kagami will enter the Zone right now. Furthermore, she is sure that Kise will not use up his full five minutes here; nevertheless, she knows that he is going full throttle at this point. Meanwhile on Kaijo’s bench, Coach Genta Takeuchi also thinks that he will not underestimate Seirin this time.

On the court, Izuki passes the ball to Hyuuga. He fakes Barrier Jumper and then passes to Kuroko. He prepares to use his Phantom Shot, but Kise manages to stop it, affirming that it is useless as long as he can figure out the ball’s direction. Seirin is shocked that Kise broke through Kuroko’s Phantom Shot whereas Murasakibara is annoyed. Kiyoshi comprehends that Kise used Akashi’s Emperor Eye to read the Phantom Shot and shut it down through Murasakibara’s brute force.

Everyone then asks Kuroko if he is all right. Kuroko smiles and states that he gives up—he has been so utterly defeated that it makes him want to laugh.

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