I Can't Stop Aomine-kun
Chapter 132
Chapter 132, Volume 15
Title I Can't Stop Aomine-kun
Aominekun wo Tomerukoto wa Dekimasen
Anime episode Episode 42
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I Can't Stop Aomine-kun is the one hundredth and thirty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


From the stands, Shutoku realizes that Seirin is taking a real gamble now. Midorima comments that Aomine’s most terrifying ability is his power to shoot from anywhere—Seirin must stop him if they want to win. Imayoshi watches Kuroko, Kagami, and Kiyoshi surround Aomine; however, he knows that Aomine will never even consider passing.

Flashback: Kuroko relays his plan to Kiyoshi and Kagami. He asks them to pressure Aomine as much as possible. Also, he wants Kagami to let Aomine pass him at first.

Presently, Aomine is able to avoid Kiyoshi and jumps to take his shot. However, Kagami jumps in Aomine’s blind spot to block him. Aomine, nevertheless, is once again able to save himself by moving while in mid air to the side. In the upper balcony, Hanamiya wonders if Aomine is really human to be able to accomplish such a feat.

On the court, Aomine easily tosses the ball toward the hoop. However, everyone in the crowd, along with Akashi, Murasakibara, and Himuro are stunned when the shot misses. On the court, Tōō Academy is also stupefied that Aomine missed. Realizing what happened, Aomine glares at Kuroko. Imayoshi comprehends that Kuroko’s Misdirection Overflow forced Aomine to miss. He can’t believe that Kuroko’s technique could be used like that.

Flashback: Kiyoshi and Kagami think that Kuroko’s technique won’t be able to affect Aomine’s shooting. However, Kuroko replies that it won’t have any affect on a regular shot, but it will definitely weaken the accuracy of a Formless Shot.

Presently, Imayoshi concludes that it is almost as if this technique was created to counter Aomine. Simultaneously, Kuroko determinedly tells Aomine that he may be unable to stop him; nonetheless, he proclaims Seirin will not lose. Aomine smiles confidently and states Tetsu’s move was “not bad”.

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