I Don't Want to Be
Episode 20
Episode 20
Title I Don't Want to Be
Naritai Janē yo
Air date August 18, 2012
Manga chapters Chapter 55, 56 and 57
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I Don't Want to Be (なりたいじゃね一よ, Naritai Janē yo) is the twentieth episode of the Kuroko no Basuke anime. This is the first time an episode is aired without using the prologue.


Kiyoshi and Kagami appear to be evenly matched despite Kiyoshi being out of practice and wearing the wrong shoes, however, Kagami wins. The next day, Seirin begins the first of 3 consecutive days of practice matches so that each player can be evaluated and placed on a specific training regimen during the summer. Teppei has asked that the first game only use the first-years. Kagami has told Kuroko that he doesn't need to pass to him any more, and the game is won by Kagami's strength. After the match, Kiyoshi admits he was trying to help Kuroko realise his self-imposed limits. After talking to Hyuga, Kuroko realises that Kagami isn't trying to leave him behind; Kagami only felt like he was relying on Kuroko too much. Kuroko resolves to become stronger during the summer so that he and Kagami can form an unbreakable team during the Winter Cup. 

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