I Get It!
Chapter 154
Chapter 154, Volume 18
Title I Get It!
Release date February 20, 2012
Anime episode Episode 47
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I Get It! is the one hundred and fifty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Izuki grabs the ball that Kagami knocked away and charges down the court. Kagami calls out to him, and Izuki passes to him. Kagami then faces Murasakibara who announces that he will crush Kagami now. Kagami desperately wonders what he should do now; however, he resolutely decides that if he turns back now, he is not Seirin’s ace. Jumping dramatically, he lunges forward with the ball. Observing Kagami, Murasakibara analyzes that it is a high jump, but it is easy enough for him to stop. Yelling at Kagami not to get ahead of himself, he knocks the ball away, Kagami falls to the floor. Hyuuga runs up to him and asks Kagami if he is all right. Kagami answers affirmatively and respectfully apologizes. Looking at Kagami, Murasakibara thinks to himself that Kagami was definitely trying something, but he can’t figure out what; even Kuroko is shocked by the play.

In the next play, Liu, Fukui, and Okamura triple team Kiyoshi. Okamura suddenly knocks the ball out of his hand. Fukui catches it and makes a fast break, passing the ball to Himuro. Kagami rushes to face him, but he accidentally slips on some sweat. Catching Kagami off guard, Himuro shoots; nevertheless, Kagami barely manages to stop it when his finger grazes the ball. After the play, Kagami suddenly realizes something and passes the ball to Kiyoshi. He passes it to Izuki, but when Izuki sees everyone is being marked, he realizes he has no choice but to take the shot himself. Murasakibara tries to get the rebound, but Kiyoshi uses his Vice Claw to get the ball. Infuriated, Murasakibara menacingly growls Kiyoshi’s name.

When Kiyoshi is running back to defend, he unexpectedly falls; before he can collapse completely, Kuroko catches him, and everyone is stunned by what just happened.

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