I Had It
Chapter 43
Chapter 43, Volume 5
Title I Had It
Release date October 5, 2009
Anime episode Episode 16
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I Had It is the forty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Tōō Academy proves they are strong even without Aomine. Powerful passes and varying shooting styles encompass their attack. Riko notes that unlike Seiho that focuses on defense, Tōō Academy is an attack style team just like Seirin. However, unlike Seirin there is no teamwork involved; everyone acts individually. Nevertheless, Tōō Academy is so good that they continue to score using this style. Still, Izuki states that Seirin is a team in which everyone acts together. Kagami blocks Imayoshi, and Hyuuga shoots. Hyuuga tells Sakurai he doesn’t plan on losing, and Sakurai should inform his captain. He also calls Sakurai an ‘apologetic mushroom’. Sakurai is surprised and confused by Hyuuga’s attitude. Furthermore, Tōō Academy can’t easily keep track of Kuroko. He tries to intercept a pass from Imayoshi to Wakamatsu, but everyone knows he can’t do it because he’s too short. Annoyed, Kagami tells Kuroko not to try things he knows he can’t do. Grabbing the ball, Kagami passes to Izuki. Kagami adds that Kuroko should wake up. They are now playing Tōō Academy; this isn’t his middle school team.

Kise arrives at the game. He smiles slightly when he sees that Seirin is behind once again. Seeing Midorima in disguise (he’s wearing dark sunglasses), Kise tells him he’s a disgrace. Annoyed, Midorima tells Kise that Seirin is the disgrace. They’re still behind although Aomine isn’t here yet. Kise tells him to give Seirin a little time. Midorima replies that Kise seems to have forgotten that Tōō Academy also has Momoi’s skills.

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