I Knew
Chapter 35
Chapter 35, Volume 5
Title I Knew
Release date August 10, 2009
Anime episode Episode 13
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I Knew is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


With only 3 seconds left in the game, Midorima, Seirin’s worst enemy, has the ball. Seirin looks on desperately as Kagami jumps no matter how much stamina he has lost. Everyone is shocked that he pushed his limit; however, Midorima is unfazed. He comments that he knew Kagami would jump despite his fatigue. He suddenly lowers himself, changing his stance as Kagami watches speechless. Hyuuga can’t believe how strong Midorima’s heart is-to suddenly change positions like that in the last seconds. Watching the play, Kasamatsu thinks that Kuroko is not the only hardened veteran on the court; Midorima is as well.

Suddenly Kuroko speaks. He states he knew that Kagami would jump; he also knew that Midorima, believing in Kagami, would lower the ball once more. Kuroko knocks the ball out of his hands; Seirin wins 82-81. Seirin’s shock turns to joy as they celebrate. Shutoku is speechless because Seirin managed to defeat two kings in a row. Takao casually comments that Oh-Asa can be wrong sometimes. Midorima tells him to be quiet. He tells his team that he’s stepping out for a little while. Takao tells his senpais that it’s impossible that Midorima is not feeling sad right now.

Midorima cries while standing in the rain. He gets a call from Satsuki Momoi. She asks him if he won or lost. Annoyed by her line of questioning, he ends the call. When it rings again, he tells her to cut it out already. However, Aomine is on the line. He can tell from Midorima’s tone that he lost. Midorima admits his defeat. However, Aomine replies that there’s nothing for him to worry about. In the next game, he’ll win—the only one who can defeat him is he himself.

As he walks out of the stadium, Kise thinks that the next match will be a fateful one-a showdown between Kuroko’s old and new lights (Aomine and Kagami respectively). He wonders who will triumph.

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