I Promised is the ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko goes back

Kuroko goes back into the game

Kuroko wants to get back in the game, but they still want him to rest due to his injury. Kuroko says that the situation will change if he gets back in the game; furthermore, he made a promise to Kagami to be his shadow. Riko agrees to his decision, but she will sub him out if he gets worse.

Takao and Midorima are on the street riding a rear car. Takao complains about why Midorima never loses to their game of rock-paper-scissors; Midorima says that his horoscope stated that's his lucky day. He also says that it's the practice match of Kuroko and Kise, so they should hurry up before the match is almost over. As Kuroko get's back in the game, he continues to use Misdirection against Kise.

Kise evades Kuroko

Kise evades Kuroko's steal

The score is 80 ‒ 82 in favor of Kaijō. Hyūga shoots 2 points, and they are tied with the score at 82 ‒ 82. Due to this, Kise's aura changes. Kise gets the ball and dunks, stating he'll never lose to anyone. The match continues until the score is 91 ‒ 93 in favor of Kaijō. The match continues until it there are only 30 seconds left. Hyūga makes a shot that ties them again with the score at 98 ‒ 98. With 15 seconds left, Hyūga says they should steal the ball or it's over. Kuroko talk to Kagami for a while, saying there is a technique Kise can't copy. In less than 10 seconds left, Kasamatsu makes a shot, but Kagami manages to steal it and then he passes to Hyūga. Then, Hyūga throws the ball to Kagami with Kuroko at the other end. However, they were confronted by Kise.

Kagami dunks against Kise practice match

Kagami dunks, winning the match

Kagami passes the ball to Kuroko and throws it to the hoop saying he can't shoot, but it was an alley-oop. with 1 second left, Kagami goes for a dunk, but Kise is there to stop him. Kagami manages to jump higher than Kise, making him question why he is falling first. Kagami remembers what Kuroko said that they'll win with a buzzer beater; Kagami dunks leading Seirin's victory at 100 ‒ 98. For the first time, Kise loses in a match.

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