I Quit
Chapter 67
Chapter 67, Volume 8
Title I Quit
Anime episode Episode 24
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I Quit is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The score is now tied at 18. During the timeout, Kise thinks that they’re in trouble—Aomine is strong. If they don’t prepare themselves, they will be defeated. He suddenly interrupts his coach, telling him he’d like to do the “thing” they already talked about. Determined, Kaijo steps back onto the court.

Looking at them, Tōō Academy can tell they’re planning something. Aomine, however, doesn’t care—no matter what they’re planning, he’ll just outscore them. Aomine rapidly dribbles the ball towards the hoop. When he’s about to score, he bumps into Kasamatsu, knocking him down. Aomine receives his first foul for charging. After Aomine helps Kasamatsu up, Kasamatsu tells him to watch his attitude around his senpais. Moriyama speaks to Kasamatsu; he wonders if they can do this. Kasamatsu replies that they will do it; they have to believe in their ace.

Aomine attacks again and again, scoring each time. Imayoshi wonders why Kaijo is acting like this. After Aomine scores, Kise thinks to himself that Aomine is really amazing. He’s always felt that way about him. Kise decides that he has to give up admiring Aomine because once someone admires another person, they can never overtake them. Now, however, he will so he can surpass Aomine. The expression on Kise’s face shocks Aomine. Watching the scene, Kuroko states that it is exactly as everyone thinks—Kise is trying to copy Aomine.

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