I Surpassed It Ages Ago
Chapter 91
Chapter 91, Volume 11
Title I Surpassed It Ages Ago
Tō no Mukashi ni Koeteiru
Anime episode Episode 31
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I Surpassed It Ages Ago is the ninety-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


During the break, Hyuuga asks Kagami if he’ll be all right. Kagami assures everyone he’ll be fine—there’s no way he can give up before Midorima. On Shutoku’s bench, they are worried about Kuroko’s technique. However, they feel that since Kagami is at his limit, they’ll be fine. However, Midorima states that Kagami is not so weak that he would just give up.

On the court, before the 4th Quarter begins, Midorima and Kagami face each other. Kuroko and Takao do as well; Takao tells Kuroko that he won’t let him pass even if he has to cling to him. Kuroko responds that he can’t let Takao defeat him that easily.

It has stopped raining outside; inside, Seirin starts by using their run-and-gun style. Furthermore, because Kuroko changes the pass course, Shutoku can no longer read their attack patterns based on their research. Otsubo realizes once the play is over that this is Seirin’s final form-with an ever changing run-and-gun style.

In the next play, Midorima tells Seirin not to get ahead of themselves. He scores, and neither Kagami nor Kiyoshi can stop him. Takao speaks to him afterwards, asking if he’s all right—he must be reaching his limit by now. Midorima replies that he surpassed his limit years ago.

A shooting war between both teams erupts and proceeds throughout the entire quarter. Watching everyone playing, Kise has a sudden urge to play basketball; his outburst surprises Momoi as well.

In the final seconds, Kuroko gets the ball. Takao rushes toward him, telling him there’s no way he’ll let him pass. Kuroko answers then he’ll have to force his way through. He uses Vanishing Drive; cursing, Takao can’t believe he got past him again. Watching the play, Otsubo suddenly realizes Kuroko’s pass course’s true recipient.

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