I Want To Crush It Down
Chapter 151
Chapter 151, Volume 17
Title I Want To Crush It Down
Tataki Tsubushitainndayo
Release date January 30, 2012
Anime episode Episode 47
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I Want To Crush It Down is the one hundred and fifty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine glances at Himuro since he never saw him in middle school. Meanwhile Momoi ponders if Himuro is good enough to put Aomine off guard since she doesn't have any data on him either. Koganei asks Kuroko how good Himuro is; he replies that he didn't see him play much since their street ball game was canceled.

Himuro goes for the shot, and Kagami jumps for the block only to realize that it's Himuro's fake out. He passes Kagami with ease. Watching the play, Aomine is caught off guard as well. Hyuuga marks Himuro while Kagami guards him from behind, but Himuro's smooth shooting style freezes both Hyuuga and Kagami. On Seirin's bench, Fukuda thinks Himuro did something, but Riko tells them that his shooting style was normal, but the execution was so smooth that she considers it the opposite of Aomine's formless style and feels like he was in an elegant dance.

Hyuuga scores, and Yosen goes for the counter attack. Himuro posses the ball; meanwhile Murasakibara recalls his conversation with Himuro where Himuro tells him that he quit being Kagami's brother figure and wishes to crush Kagami with his full power. Himuro makes the shot at the same time Kagami goes for the block only to find out the Himuro used his Mirage Shot against him. Then Himuro taunts Kagami, telling him to fight him with his full power.

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