I Want to See is the one hundred and sixty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Riko return to Seirin’s bench, and Koganei also informs her of the situation. Aomine comments to Momoi that Kise must have said something to Kagami to make him refocus and enter the Zone. He silently wonders what Kagami's trigger was; however, aloud he says that Kagami will definitely now be something worth seeing.

On the court, Fukui passes to Himuro, but Kagami stops his shot by doing a super jump while he is in the Zone. Kuroko gets the ball, but Kagami calls out to him for the ball. Kuroko passes to him, and Kagami effortlessly shoots a three pointer—seeing Kagami heading back without confirming if it went in, a surprised Hyuuga wonders if Kagami thinks he is Midorima.

In the next play, Fukui passes to Murasakibara. He uses Thor’s Hammer at full power, but Kagami even stops this move. Shocked, Kise observes that Kagami added more power by jumping forward. Even Aomine is impressed. Murasakibara falls heavily to the floor; Kagami tells an outraged Murasakibara that he is sorry he used too much power.

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