I Will Defeat You!!
Episode 34
Episode 34
Title I Will Defeat You!!
Kanarazu Taosu!!
Air date November 30, 2013
Manga chapters Chapter 100, 101 and 102
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I Will Defeat You!! (必ず倒す!!, Kanarazu Taosu!!) is the thirty-forth episode and the ninth episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


The highly anticipated match between Seirin and Kirisaki Daīchi finally gets started. Match starts off with Kuroko unleashing his Vanishing Drive and lobs to Kiyoshi for the dunk. Then Kirisaki Daīchi counters with a rough play and makes use of the referee's blind spot to score. After another rough defensive play, Hanamiya scores another to lead. The game just gets more fiery, and when things just got worse for Seirin, Kiyoshi volunteers to defend and attack on the inside by himself.

Kiyoshi's resolve

Kiyoshi's resolve

With Kiyoshi's impressive individual performance, Seirin takes the lead 26 - 23. However, bad things come in Seirin's way: Hyūga keeps missing open 3-pointers, and Kagami got a charging foul. Hanamiya then orders his teammate to trip Kiyoshi and elbow the latter's face. Kiyoshi gets injured in his face, but is still up and ever ready for more intensive plays. With Kiyoshi getting his spirit really burning up, will Seirin get over this extremely rough game?

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