I Will Offer Them (差し出そう, Sashidasou) is the fifty-sixth episode and the sixth episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Facing Akashi's Emperor Eye, which sees the future movements of the opponents, Shutoku looks like they had no hand to play. But the will to fight once again lights up within the eyes of the team members, and they face Rakuzan with the spirit of "unyielding tenacity"!

Akashi stops Takao

Akashi stops Takao's pass

Thanks to Midorima and Takao's trick play, they try to close the gap in one strong run, but to answer that, Akashi scores in his own goal to the shock of everyone around him, giving Shutoku 2 points. Against Shutoku, who bares their teeth without giving up until the very end, Akashi throws out words that show no mercy; he said that he will offer his eyes if Rakuzan will lose, which led to Rakuzan's renewed confidence and determination. Rakuzan won the game with Akashi saying that them winning has already been decided by him.

Characters in order of appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The crowd didn't said anything regarding Akashi's own goal, but rather the other participants.
  • The crowd didn't said anything regarding the 4-point play made by Mibuchi, but rather the other participants.
  • When Akashi made his declaration of victory, his face wasn't shown.
  • There was the added flashback of Akashi stabbing Kagami's face with a pair of scissors that he got from Midorima.


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