Idiots Can't Win!
Chapter 37
Chapter 37, Volume 5
Title Idiots Can't Win!
Baka ja Katenai no yo!
Release date August 24, 2009
Anime episode None
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Idiots Can't Win! is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Having just won the Interhigh preliminaries finals against Shūtoku High, the entire Seirin team is sleeping or dozing off in the classroom. Only Riko is alert and is startled when she finds out about the all day review tests. The Seirin players gather in the gym, bringing their past test results along. In the gym, Riko and Izuki explain that even though the actual results of the upcoming review tests don't matter, they are used for a ranking, with the bottom 100 to take a remedial class the next Saturday, coincidentally the same day when the final league of the IH commences. Therefore, all the players must make sure to have good grades, or they won't be able to play. After looking into the results, with Kuroko's ordinariness expressing itself in his grades too, the only problem that they find is Kagami's terrible grades. They decide to specially tutor Kagami at Riko's house.

In Riko's room, the Kagamidiot Special Tuition Team is formed. Kagami is given a schedule with no rest at all, having a tough study time ahead. Kagami is beat, but he finds his motivation when he is texted by Kise, telling him that they have already advanced to the Interhigh. Kuroko hands Kagami Midorima's rolling-dice pencil. Kagami's languages seem hopeless, and Riko orders to abandon that and focus on the other courses. The day of the tests, Kagami is struggling. In the end, he decides to use Midorima's pencil and is fed up with it when the tests end. The next day, Kagami gets his results and awkwardly shows his 90th position to his senpai's. The second-years are amazed by Midorima's pencil, but Kagami hates that he now owes him one. Nevertheless, all the members passed they're exams and are good to go!

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