In Order to Win
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Episode 60
Episode 60
Title In Order to Win
Katsu Tame ni
Air date March 14, 2015
Manga chapters 194, 195, and 196
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In Order to Win (勝つために, Katsu Tame ni) is the sixtieth episode and the tenth episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


The Seirin-Kaijo game enters the second half! Kagami shows extraordinary growth and treats the Kaijo double-team as if it is nothing, overwhelming them as their ace player Kise remains on the bench. Kaijo stays determined to stay within reach of Seirin, but they cannot stop the momentum that favours Seirin and start to gradually fall behind.

Kise copies Ignite Pass Kai

Kise's Ignite Pass Kai

Kagami's talents gave way to Seirin having a 15-point gap in the lead with four minutes left in the game! Right when they felt all hope was gone, Kise's frustration led him to finally return to the court! Kuroko returns to the court as well, as if waiting for that moment. Kise uses Perfect Copy as soon as he returns to go on a full offensive. Then Kuroko's Ignite Pass Kai, which was meant to start a counterattack, gets blocked. Riko was surprised and realised that Kise's Perfect Copy can now last until the end of the competition.

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