Is This The First Time?
Chapter 264
Chapter 264
Title Is This The First Time?
Hajimete Janai ka na
Release date June 4, 2014
Anime episode Episode 73
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Is This The First Time? is the two hundreth and sixty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Kuroko uses his EE again

Kuroko uses his Quasi-Emperor Eye

Kuroko swipes the ball away from Akashi, and Kagami gets the ball. Now it changes to a counter attack by Seirin, as Akashi just stands there, feeling humiliated for the first time. Unable to accept this, an angered Akashi chases Kagami, who drove past Hayama easily.

Kagami dunks on Akashi

Kagami dunks on Akashi

Kagami starts to move, but Kuroko purposely takes the ball away from him to prevent Akashi from stealing it. Kagami jumps from an alley-oop, but Akashi catches up and prepares to block him in the air. Determined for his team and carrying their will, Kagami dunks and even knocks Akashi down to the floor. Akashi is shocked as he made two mistakes in a row.

The plan that Kuroko and Kagami made took down Akashi successfully, which is named "Emperor Eye Plan". It means that Kuroko has to calculate beforehand to catch up with Kagami in the Zone. Then when Kagami moves, he should not think of Kuroko, and it is all up to the latter to decide Kagami's next move. A 100% trust from Kagami to Kuroko is there, hence this plan is made possible and successful.

Akashi out of the Zone

Akashi is out of the Zone

In the audience, the Generation of Miracles discuss Akashi's first ever defeat. Akashi, taken out of the Zone, misses a 3-point shot, and Kiyoshi grabs the rebound with his Vice Claw. At the other side, Kagami makes another shot. Seirin now needs just 10 points to tie the game, 82 - 92. However, Kuroko notices Kagami's fatigue and the near end of his Zone. Kagami dismisses his worries, proclaiming he can still fight as Seirin counterattacks.

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