Isn't He The Spitting Image Of...?
Chapter 238
Chapter 238
Title Isn't He The Spitting Image Of...?
Sokkuri Janē ka
Release date November 13, 2013
Anime episode Episode 68
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I Am All The More Pleased

Isn't He The Spitting Image Of...? is the two hundredth and thirty-eigth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


After the end of the first quarter, the score is tied at 21. Yosen’s members comment on the game. Coach Araki analyzes Kuroko, stating his skills are third rate, but it will be difficult for Seirin in the next quarter without him.

On Seirin’s bench, Riko pulls out Kuroko. She adds that they will continue to observe the situation; Kawahara is even making a video that may help him. Kagami cheerfully tells Kuroko that he shouldn’t feel depressed because everyone believes in him. Kuroko reassures them that he will definitely return in order to win.

On Rakuzan’s bench, the Generals can’t believe they are tied with Seirin. Coach Shirogane, however, states that everyone will be fine as long as they stick to the plan. Akashi announces that in the next quarter, the Generals will be scoring, and they will crush Seirin. Now he will also be able to pass freely unlike the Shutoku game since the Eagle Eye has a narrower field of vision compared to Takao’s Hawk Eye.

In the stands, Too Academy’s players also discuss the game. Coach Harasawa tells them that Rakuzan has an overpowering style compared to other teams; that is why Seirin is having such difficulties. When the game restarts, Aomine asks Momoi about Rakuzan’s No. 5 player. She explains all of Mayuzumi’s statistics. Aomine then questions her if he isn’t the “spitting image” of someone they know.

On the court, Seirin is shocked when Mayuzumi uses misdirection. Akashi declares that Mayuzumi is the newest model of the Phantom Sixth Man.

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