It'll Be Fun
Chapter 144
Chapter 144, Volume 16
Title It'll Be Fun
Release date November 28, 2011
Anime episode Episode 45
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It'll Be Fun is the one hundred and forty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Yosen wins the match with ease to the point that their opponent didn't even score. Meanwhile, Seirin advances to the third round, and the rest of the Generation of Miracles effortlessly claim their victories. The next day, Seirin wins in the third quarter, and now advances to the quarter finals with Yosen.

Riko receives a call from a friend to get the vidoes of their next opponent. Then Hyuuga announces that the team with the Generation of Miracles' members had won the third round with ease. He then tells them that their next opponents will be Yosen. Alex excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She then meets the Yosen team after coming from the restroom. She discovers Tatsuya Himuro; she greets him and tries to kiss him as well, but Tatsuya stops Alex from kissing him, much to the latter's dismay. Then he excuses himself from his team in order for him to talk to Alex in private. Meanwhile Fukui is shocked that Alex almost kissed Tatsuya. Suddenly he notices that Okamura burst into tears; Okamura had thought that joining the basketball club would make him popular with the girls, but Fukui tells him that he won't get any girls regardless. Liu tells him that he should get rid of his sideburns and his chin, and Murasakibara just asks him if he can go to buy some snacks. Okamura is insulted by his team. Then Masako Araki founds them and tells them to return to their hotel to view Seirin's previous match.

Meanwhile Alex tells Tatsuya that she's been looking forward to the match between him and Kagami, but Tatsuya abruptly tells her he is irritated by Alex for treating him like a kid. Indifferently, he says that he appreciated that Alex taught him basketball, but now he is telling her that he has surpassed her, Meanwhile at Kagami's apartment, the Seirin team is shocked at Yosen's previous matches-- that they didn't lose a point two matches straight. Back at Yosen High, after viewing Seirin's previous match, Okamura admits that Seirin's offense is No.1 in the tournament since they had managed to defeat Tōō Academy, and he expected the clashes between Yosen's defense and Seirin's offense style to be entertaining.

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