It's According To Plan
Chapter 201
Chapter 201, Volume 23
Title It's According To Plan
Japanese 狙い通りだよ
Romanized Nerai-dōrida yo
Release date February 11, 2013
Anime episode Episode 62
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It's According To Plan is the two hundred and first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The score is Kaijo 78, Seirin 79. Kuroko has decided that he wants to defeat his rival Kise, and that’s why he’s repeatedly facing him.

On the court holding the ball and facing Kuroko, Kise thinks that this is the first time he’s disappointed in Kuroko. He knows that he’ll be able to get through no matter what coordination Seirin is planning to stop him. Hyuuga yells at everyone to stay focused; this is their last chance. Watching, Himuro notes Kaijo’s strong defense. He believes that Kaijo will take time to finish the game. Kise also remembers his time with Kuroko. He was the first “lame person” he respected. He’s happy that Kuroko acknowledged him as a rival. Therefore, he really wants to win now.

Kise regains his focus and prepares himself to act. However, nothing he could have done would have prepared him for what happened next. Kuroko suddenly moves his hand forward to steal the ball Shocked, Kise uses Aomine’s agility to dart past him. Nevertheless, Kagami is ready for him. Kise counters Kagami with Akashi’s Ankle Break, using it twice to bring Kagami down. Finally, standing before the net, Kise faces Hyuuga and Kiyoshi. To defeat them, he prepares to use Murasakibara’s Thor’s Hammer. Kagami, however, declares that everything is happening according to plan.

Seirin recalls their discussion before the game restarted. Kuroko explains that Kise has two quirks: firstly, he uses Aomine’s agility and speed to counter any sudden attacks; secondly, he unconsciously has a habit of not using the same technique in a row. Therefore, he’ll force Kise to attack by trying to steal the ball from him. This will negate Midorima’s long range shot. Then Kagami’s sudden appearance will make him use Akashi’s technique to get past him. This will draw him under the net where his only option will be to use Murasakibara’s Thor’s Hammer and explosively finish the play.

On the court, Kise feels that something is wrong—the play is going too smoothly, almost as if he was lured under the net by Kuroko’s previous play. Suddenly, Kise sees Izuki who uses Eagle Spear to knock the ball away. Nonetheless, Kise manages to grab the ball again. He decides that it’s the ace’s job to finish the game. He immediately passes to Kasamatsu who catches the ball. Watching the play, Aomine thinks that it wouldn’t have been unusual for Kise to have a flashback of what happened in the Interhigh Quarterfinals. Catching the ball, Kasamatsu shoots, thinking he’s not a man if he cannot sink this shot. The second he scores, Kaijo celebrates, believing they have won the game.

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