It's An Upset
Chapter 125
Chapter 125, Volume 14
Title It's An Upset!!
Anime episode Episode 40
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It's An Upset!! is the one hundredth and twenty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The third quarter begins, and when Tōō Academy sees Kuroko stepping out, they wonder what he can do. As soon as the game begins, Izuki and Imayoshi face each other. Imayoshi notes that Izuki’s defense is good—the second years have all really sharpened their fundamentals. Furthermore, he thinks that there is no reason for them to look so scary. He immediately passes to Aomine who faces off against Kagami. Aomine easily passes Kagami. Seirin can’t believe that Aomine became faster—Kagami thinks that he thought Aomine was already at his maximum. Kiyoshi rushes to stop Aomine, but realizes he won’t make it in time.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Aomine bumps into Kuroko who had stepped into his path, and the latter falls down. The referee immediately fouls Aomine for charging. Kuroko tells Aomine that it’s true that they both know each other very well. Therefore, it will not be so easy for Aomine to do as he pleases. Kagami helps Kuroko up and thanks Kuroko for helping him.

When Kuroko gets the ball, he passes to Kiyoshi. Wakamatsu notices that Kuroko isn’t doing anything special; he is playing as he always does. However, Kuroko helps his team by changing the pass course once again to Hyuuga. After scoring a three-pointer, Hyuuga thanks Kuroko; however, he adds that his Ignite Pass Kai really hurts. From the bench, Riko thinks that through the second years’ growth, they can also now catch Ignite Pass Kai.

Tōō Academy is amazed by Seirin’s play. Sakurai can’t believe Hyuuga scored so easily. Imayoshi tells him that things are certainly different when Kuroko is around. He thinks to himself that Kuroko is really doing everything he can for his team. Aloud, facing Izuki he states that “it’s so heroic, he is going to cry.”

From Tōō Academy’s bench, Katsunori Harasawa says it is too bad because Kuroko just reentered the game, but they will take care of him now. Momoi agrees and softly says “Sorry, Tetsu-kun.”

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