It's Been A While
Chapter 109
Chapter 109, Volume 13
Title It's Been A While
Hisashiburi dana
Anime episode Episode 37
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Please Take Good Care Of Us!

It's Been A While is the one hundredth and ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Riko takes the boys to the hot springs. They are up to their usual antics that also involve Kagami’s swimming trunks (which annoy Hyuuga to no end) and Tetsuya #2’s bath. When they find out that a group of college girls are next door, all the boys (except Kuroko, Kiyoshi, and Izuki) try to spy on them. During this time, Kuroko is about to pass out from the heat, so Izuki tells him to get out, and Kagami should accompany him.

Nevertheless, Riko catches them, and she quickly puts them in their place. Afterwards, Hyuuga quietly comments that they shouldn’t have done that; Izuki replies that it was obvious. A voice suddenly calls out that they are as lively as ever. When Riko is settling down herself, Momoi joins her. Seirin is shocked to see Tōō Academy here.

When Seirin asks them what they are doing here, Imayoshi replies that they just happened to be practicing nearby, just happened to come to this hot spring, and Seirin just happened to be here with them. Wakamatsu suddenly asks Sakurai where Aomine is. Sakurai responds that he didn’t sweat, so he didn’t have to join them. Fuming, Wakamatsu furiously states that Aomine didn’t sweat because he didn’t play in their practice game.

Inside, Kuroko is lying on a bench. Since the vending machine is out of sports drinks, Kagami goes outside to buy one. A boy then gives Kuroko a drink—when Kuroko is about to thank him, he suddenly realizes that it’s Aomine.

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