It's Better Than Losing Here
Chapter 129
Chapter 129, Volume 15
Title It's Better Than Losing Here
Kokode Makeruyori Mashidesu
Anime episode Episode 41
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We Win Now!!
The Final 4th Quarter!!!

It's Better Than Losing Here is the one hundredth and twenty-ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The entire crowd along with the Generation of Miracles, Kasamatsu, Himuro, and Takao are shocked by what happened. Imayoshi thinks that it’s impossible that other players could vanish just like Kuroko. Because of his confusion, he sloppily passes to Sakurai. Hyuuga steals the ball through the pass course. “Disappearing”, he also scores a three-pointer. Alarmed, Tōō Academy is unable to figure out what is going on. Imayoshi thinks to himself that he can see Kuroko clearly—suddenly this fact alerts him.

Flashback: In Seirin’s locker room, Kuroko tells everyone that his Misdirection will not last until the end of the game; therefore, he will intentionally make it run out. As a result, Tōō Academy’s attention will be fixed solely on him. This will give the rest of the team the chance to counter. Presently, Riko explains that Kuroko’s use of Misdirection Overflow grants everyone except the power of disappearing. Seirin rapidly closes the point gap to 62-70. Tōō Academy is shocked by the sudden turn of events and even more so by Seirin’s recklessness and desperation to win.

In the stands, a bewildered Midorima tells an equally dumbfounded Takao that this technique comes with several risks—notably, Seirin will never be able to use this technique against Tōō Academy ever again. They can’t understand why they why they are willing to forfeit their future. On the court, Kuroko uses Misdirection Overflow to help Kagami get past Aomine and score. Afterwards, Kuroko tells a flabbergasted Aomine he will worry about the future when he gets there. Imayoshi realizes they will also have to bet everything if they want to win.

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