It's Mine Now
Chapter 171
Chapter 171, Volume 19
Title It's Mine Now
Oreno Monda
Release date June 25, 2012
Anime episode Episode 52
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It's Mine Now is the one hundred and seventy-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Flashback: During lunch, Haizaki steals a meatball from Kuroko’s place. Irritated, Aomine tells him to get seconds if he is still hungry—he shouldn’t steal other people’s food. Kuroko admits that he doesn’t mind. Haizaki replies that Aomine takes other people’s food too; Aomine retorts that he only takes when he is hungry. Midorima tells Haizaki not to make noise when he eats—it is bad manners. Midorima also reprimands Murasakibara, telling him to hold his chopsticks properly. Haizaki remarks that he doesn’t need to take it; he just can’t help himself. After hearing this comment, Aomine scowls, Kuroko is silent, and Akashi looks at Haizaki quizzically.

Midorima then speaks up, telling everyone that a prodigious second year is now joining their ranks. Aomine claims that he knows him too. Haizaki also asks about him, and Midorima responds that it is unusual for Haizaki to take an interest in other players. Haizaki replies that he just feels that he won’t be able to get along with him.

Presently, Hyuuga talks with his team—Haizaki’s off-the-charts behavior must have been the reason Teiko and the Generation of Miracles were hated so much. Koganei hurriedly apologizes to Kuroko, assuring him that they do not think badly of him. Kuroko adds that he understands, but he adds softly that Teiko's players' images have not changed completely because their school's philosophy has not changed.

The game then begins; Kaijo uses their fast pace to get an advantage, Moriyama uses his Unorthodox Shot to score. Haizaki observes his moves and smiles wickedly. In the next play, Mochizuki uses a scoop shot to score against Hayakawa. Kagami comments that Kise is unusually slow today. Kuroko, however, counters that Kise is about to start. In the next play, Kise copies Mochizuki’s scoop shot. Afterwards, he tells Haizaki to come at him seriously. Haizaki responds that they really can’t get along because their styles are so similar. Haizaki then copies Moriyama’s Unorthodox Shot, leaving everyone speechless. Kagami remarks that Haizaki is just like Kise. Kuroko, however, states that he is slightly different. On the court, Moriyama reassures his team that they will take it right back and tries to shoot. He watches bewildered as his shot misses. In the stands, Kuroko explains that Haizaki used to ditch practice, and he was always slacking off. Moreover, Kise never saw Haizaki perform in an actual game, so he doesn’t know his true skill. Haizaki changes the rhythm and tempo of any skill for himself—the other person cannot fix it; therefore, Haizaki pillages other players’ moves.

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  • This chapter is featured much differently in the anime with extended scenes and dialogue.