It's Not Just for Show is the fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


After Kagami breaks the basket with a dunk, they start playing full court, and Kise is called to play. When Kise starts playing, large number of girls start cheering which surprises Hyuuga, but Kasamatsu claims it is normal. Furthermore, he kicks Kise, telling him that they have to return the favor or it will be rude. Both teams start with a high paced offense, and the points rapidly increase. Kagami is stopped by Kise who helps Kaijo take the lead. Kuroko notices the fast pace of match and suggests a time out which Riko was already planning. Kuroko and Kise tell their respective teams about the weaknesses of each other, claiming that the balance is about to be broken.

Characters in order of appearance

Matches featured

Techniques used


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