It's Obvious
Chp 153 cover
Chapter 153, Volume 17
Title It's Obvious
Release date February 13, 2012
Anime episode Episode 47
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It's Obvious is the one hundred and fifty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin repeats their previous play. When Kiyoshi gets the ball, Murasakibara thinks the he just shouldn’t move since he knows what is going to happen. However, suddenly recalling Kiyoshi’s words makes him charge forward to block Kiyoshi. Himuro calls out Murasakibara’s name, but it’s too late—as Kiyoshi passes to Izuki, Murasakibara angrily reprimands himself, knowing he is just repeating what already happened. With the ball, Izuki faces Liu and Okamura, but before they can stop him, he passes to Hyuuga who easily scores a 3-pointer. With the score at 37-28, Yosen takes a time-out.

During the break, Aomine and Momoi discuss the game. Aomine explains that Seirin took three measures to corner Murasakibara: 1) the first three that Kiyoshi scored put all of Yosen on edge. 2) Kiyoshi possesses the “Right of Postponement”; nevertheless, he is usually trying to make the shot in the first place. 3) it’s possible that Kiyoshi said something to Murasakibara that is making Murasakibara’s body react without thinking—Kiyoshi used Murasakibara’s hatred for him against Murasakibara. Looking at Kiyoshi on Seirin’s bench, Aomine concludes that Kiyoshi is a tough warrior.

On Seirin’s bench, Izuki notices how much Kiyoshi is sweating, and he realizes he is pushing himself a lot. Riko calls out to Kagami to "stop whining"; he decides that he wants a future with Seirin and steps out to face Himuro once more.

Aomine watches as Kagami and Himuro face each other. Watching Kagami, Kuroko recalls how Kagami asked him to throw his ring away. When the game resumes, seeing Kagami’s resolve, Kuroko declares that no one can stop Kagami now. On the court, Kagami manages to stop Himuro’s shot, shocking the latter. Kagami loudly proclaims that the real battle starts now.

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