It's Pointless To Say Anything
Chapter 188
Chapter 188, Volume 21
Title It's Pointless To Say Anything
Iu Dake Yaboda
Release date October 29, 2012
Anime episode Episode 58
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You Have Teammates, You Know
The True Light

It's Pointless To Say Anything is the one hundred and eighty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


With about 2 minutes left in the quarter and the score at 23-15, both teams take a strategic break. On Kaijo’s bench, Coach Takeuchi tells Kasamatsu that they are depending on him for the next plays. Kise also weakly tells an annoyed Kasamatsu that they are counting on him. On Seirin’s bench, Riko congratulates Furihata on a job well done and tells him they are subbing him out now. She adds that Izuki will be going back in now. In his response, Izuki makes a pun (With a pail (oke) in my hand, okay!), but Riko ignores him and tells Kiyoshi that the next plays are his responsibility. Kiyoshi assures her that he can handle it.

When the game resumes, Kiyoshi faces Kobori under the net. He uses his Right of Postponement to fake a pass to Kuroko, but then he scores himself. Himuro calculates that this will be a battle of centers. Murasakibara adds that both teams are being quite blunt about it since they have strategically chosen “isolation”. Kiyoshi also comprehends that Kaijo made space for Kasamatsu to penetrate—it is a one-on-one between Kasamatsu and Izuki. As Kasamatsu faces Izuki, Kasamatsu declares that he will go full force now. He speedily drives past Izuki and scores, shocking the latter. Kasamatsu tauntingly tells an irritated Izuki that he still has a ways to go before he can beat him. Afterwards, Hyuuga then approaches Izuki and tells him that Kaijo is underestimating him, and he should prove them wrong. Izuki darkly replies that he knows and gets ready for the next play. Kagami remarks that Hyuuga was too harsh, but Hyuuga retorts that it’s useless to encourage Izuki kindly. Izuki has been playing on basketball teams since second grade, and he won’t be discouraged so easily.

In the next play, Kise is marking Kagami. Kagami passes to Hyuuga, but Moriyama manages to intercept it. Hyuuga yells at everyone to return as the ball reaches Kasamatsu. As he faces Izuki again, Kasamatsu proclaims that no one can stop him. Izuki immediately recalls the relentless training he did to master the move Kagetora-san taught him. As Kasamatsu gets past him, from the bench Koganei yells Izuki’s name. Izuki then reveals his new move-Eagle Spear. Kasamatsu is spellbound as Izuki’s move knocks the ball out of his hands. Hyuuga grabs the loose ball and scores. Izuki quips “With a flash of anger (katto), a nice cut!” Hyuuga then tells Izuki to be quiet.

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