It's Trust
Episode 35
Episode 35
Title It's Trust
Shinrai da
Air date December 7, 2013
Manga chapters Chapter 103, 104 and 105
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It's Trust (信頼だ, Shinrai da) is the thirty-fifth episode and the tenth episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


First half ends with Seirin leading 45-40, thanks to Kiyoshi's determination. At halftime break, Kirisaki Daiichi thought they would get the solution to stop Kuroko's Vanishing Drive, but when game resumes, the method does not work, and allowed Kuroko to throw a lob above himself to Kagami for the first points of the second half. Seto Kentaro enters for Kirisaki Daiichi, and things just got different.

Kuroko stopping Spider Web

Kuroko changes the direction of the pass

Imayoshi reveals that Hanamiya can read and analyse all the movements of opponents, therefore stealing every single ball from Seirin. Plus with Seto, who has an IQ of 160, Hanamiya's steal accuracy can be at 100%. At the end, Seirin has the Kagami dunk as the only points for the 3rd quarter, and Kirisaki Daiichi leads 58-47. 4th quarter starts, and just as Hanamiya reads Izuki's pass to Kiyoshi and prepares to steal, Kuroko stands in between and changed the pass direction to Kagami, who finishes to get Seirin's first points in around 10 minutes.

Kuroko has made the pass courses his own way, which neither Kirisaki Daiichi nor Seirin can expect. Aomine then stated that it is trust between Seirin that makes the changed passes successful. and allow Seirin to make a comeback attempt. Kiyoshi gets subbed out as Riko reads that he is at his limits. Towards the end of the 4th quarter, will Seirin get their ticket to the Winter Cup, or is it not going to happen?

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