It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?
Chapter 267
Chapter 267
Title It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?
Hisashiburida ne
Release date June 25, 2014
Anime episode Episode 74
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It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It? is the two hundreth and sixty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Kagami faces the other Akashi

Kagami faces the other Akashi

Akashi apologizes, to the disbelief of his fellow teammates. Akashi then recovers himself, telling the team that he will once again help Rakuzan defeat Seirin. Timeout is over, and it is now Rakuzan's ball. Kagami faces Akashi, who is holding the ball. However, Kagami feels some chills, which differs from what he had felt earlier on. Akashi then pulls a crossover, attempting to get past Kagami. As Akashi fakes left and goes right, Kuroko already anticipated this, and using his Quasi Emperor Eye, moves in front of Akashi. Kuroko is about to reach for the ball, but Akashi smiles and tells Kuroko "Long time no see", addressing him as 'Kuroko' instead of 'Tetsuya'.

Akashi succesfully passes

Akashi evades both Kagami and Kuroko

Then the ball finds Mibuchi at a quick speed. He is wide open, and hits a 3-pointer well. After that, Akashi praises him, much Mibuchi's disbelief, who thought that Akashi never did that before. Moreover, the pass was so smooth and perfect that it made through Akashi's coordination with Mibuchi; therefore, the latter was able to hit the 3-pointer comfortably.

The Generation of Miracles comment that the pass was like how Akashi passed to them during their time together in Teiko. They then quickly realize that the old Akashi has returned, much to their shock.

Kuroko then tells Seirin that he is not sure what Akashi's loss has turned the latter into, but he knows that since the old Akashi has returned, he will be even harder to handle than before. Kagami getsexcited, as he thinks the real show has really started.

Rakuzan enters the Zone

Rakuzan enters the Zone

With 3 minutes left, it is 96 - 101, and Rakuzan is up by 5 points. Kagami is still worried about the chills he felt, and Seirin then realizes that Akashi has entered the Zone once again, surprising them. Akashi tells Kagami that what the latter was worried about would not happen. Akashi then states that by entering the Zone, he merely returned to his previous condition; furthermore, there won't not be much change in the Akashi that Seirin is playing against. However, he also warns that his other 4 teammates will worry them. Everyone is stunned to see that Mibuchi, Nebuya, Hayama, and Mayuzumi have also entered the Zone. 

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