It’s So Frustrating…
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Chapter 241
Chapter 241
Title It’s So Frustrating…
Kuyashī yo...
Release date December 5, 2013
Anime episode Episode 69
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It’s So Frustrating… is the two hundredth and forty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The score is 25 to 32 in favor of Rakuzan. Furthermore, Akashi scores a three-pointer almost immediately; Furihata is unable to stop him. As he watches the game, Aomine comments that it is impossible for a “Chihuahua” to defeat a “lion”. Coach Shirogane also notes Furihata’s struggle, realizing he’s risking his life to try and stop Akashi. Furthermore, Akashi knows that passing the first year will lead to a trap. Shirogane’s praise also extends to Riko—she isn’t an average coach at all.

Rakuzan takes its first time-out. In the stands, Kagetora notes that Shirogane is being as cautious as always. Moreover, he’s worried about Riko—he knows if she is too cautious, her plan won’t work. On Rakuzan’s bench, Akashi tells Coach Shirogane that this was a good time for the time-out, so they can discuss their attack plan. He instructs Mibuchi that he will be the first; this pleases Mibuchi.

On Seirin’s bench, an exhausted Furihata collapses. Riko realizes that his stamina has been completely depleted just by facing Akashi’s overwhelming presence. Seeing Furihata’s condition, Fukuda begs Riko to use him as well to mark Akashi; Kawahara will go in after him. Riko agrees, but she tells the second years to start scoring as much as they can. Hyuuga will be in charge of scoring three pointers. After the others head out, a crying Furihata sits next to Kuroko on the bench. He tells Kuroko he desperately wants to get stronger, so he can fight alongside everyone. Looking at him, Kuroko softly agrees.

When the game resumes, Fukuda guards Akashi. In the stands, Imayoshi realizes this will be a battle between the two teams’ respective shooting guards, and he wonders what will happen next. As Too Academy watches, Akashi passes to Mibuchi, and he prepares to shoot. Hyuuga gets past Mayuzumi’s screen and faces him. Mibuchi acknowledges him, stating Hyuuga’s behavior in the first quarter really irritated him. Now, he is ready to defeat him.

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