It Couldn't be Easy
Chapter 143
Chapter 143, Volume 16
Title It Couldn't be Easy
Release date November 21, 2011
Anime episode Episode 45
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It Couldn't be Easy is the one hundred and forty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Imayoshi and Susa are in the library studying for their exams. Noting Susa’s lack of focus, Imayoshi asks him what is on his mind. Susa replies that he is thinking about Seirin’s game today. Imayoshi replies that it has nothing to do with them anymore, but he feels it’s possible Seirin may lose today. Startled, Susa asks him why, and Imayoshi explains that there are two reasons: 1) they will be off their rhythm because they gave 120% against Tōō Academy; 2) they won against them; therefore, their overconfidence will work against them. Imayoshi concludes that Seirin’s biggest opponent today is themselves.

Meanwhile, in the game against Nakamiya, the second years are completely off their game. Shocked and distressed, they are unable to figure out what’s going on. Watching from the bench, Kuroko asks Riko to request a timeout. On the bench, Riko is about to address the boys, when Hyuuga speaks up. He asks Riko to hit them really hard, so they can wake up. Hyuuga goes on to say that their goal to be No.1 is not something to be taken lightly—therefore, he wants her to help them refocus. She lightly swings her arm, saying she is really weak. Hyuuga remarks, though, she is actually looking quite happy.

When the game restarts, Nakamiya’s team notes the slap marks on the boys’ faces and wonders what happened. On the bench, Riko thanks Kuroko for noticing faster than she did. Kuroko replies then she shouldn’t have slapped him. She apologizes, saying she got caught up in the moment. Looking at his senpais, Kuroko smiles gently, saying that he is glad that it wasn’t something to worry about. Kagami is also thoughtful—earlier, he had offered to enter the game. Hyuuga called him an idiot—if they needed them to win, they don’t deserve to be called the best in the country. Izuki added that he should rest after training hard with Alex. Presently, Kagami (who is also sporting a slap mark) thinks that this is completely different from American street ball; it is nice to have reliable senpais.

Seirin defeats Nakamiya High 81-77. As Nakamiya High shakes hands and encourages Seirin, Yosen High’s basketball team has been watching the whole game.

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