It Makes Me Laugh (笑っちゃいますね, Waracchaimasune) is the fifty-seventh episode and the seventh episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Kise blocks Kuroko

Kise stops Kuroko

The score has been settled between Shutoku and Rakuzan. The second semifinal to follow that game is Seirin versus Kaijo! Even from the prewargame warm-ups, the two aces Kise and Kagami showcase their full-strength shots to keep each other in check. Everyone's emotions were running high as this was the first official game the two schools had against each other since the practice game in the spring. Kise, who suffered his first-ever loss of his life in the practice match against Seirin, was burning with flames of revenge. On the other hand, Kuroko felt delight in being able to fight against Kise as a rival. Finally, the game begins!

Characters in order of appearance

Manga and Anime Differences


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