It Reminded Me
Chapter 19
Chapter 19, Volume 3
Title It Reminded Me
Aratamete Omoimashita
Release date April 27, 2009
Anime episode Episode 8
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It Reminded Me is the nineteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise and Kasamatsu are coming to watch the semifinals and finals. Kise is listening to the OH-ASA horoscope; they announce that today Cancer is in first place. When Seirin is warming up before the game with Seiho, Midorima and Kagami stare at each other across the court. Hyuuga immediately turns his head, telling him he’s staring down the wrong opponent. He’ll look like an idiot if they lose against Seiho and are unable to play Shutoku. Riko points out their key players-third years Iwamura (Captain) and Kasuga (Playmaker). Tsugawa comes over to Kagami, commenting on how red his hair is. He yells across the court to his captain that Seirin doesn’t have any strong players except for him. Iwamura hits him on the head, apologizing to Hyuuga for Tsugawa who talks without thinking. Hyuuga says there is no need to apologize since they’ll win; last year isn’t the same as this year. Iwamura replies that that won’t happen because Seirin is weak. He leaves with a grumbling Tsugawa.

In the Seiho changing rooms, Iwamura and Kasuga feel that the Seirin second years have gotten stronger. They’ll let Tsugawa handle Kagami since they’re both first years. The Seirin locker room is quiet. To boost everyone’s morale, Riko promises to give them a kiss on the cheek if they win. Since no one reacts ecstatically to this “reward”, she yells at them that they have to pay Seiho back for last year. Hyuuga addresses everyone, telling the first years that after their loss last year, they hated basketball so much that they wanted to quit. However, they’re over that now, and they definitely going to win this. As they walk out, Kuroko asks Kagami if he’s ever hated basketball. Kagami replies no, but Kuroko tells him he has. He says that it’s painful to hate something one loves. He adds that he really wants to win this game for his senpais. On the court when the game is about to start, Kagami recalls what Kuroko said. He admits that he can’t understand how Kuroko felt about hating basketball. But he knows he wants to win.

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