It Will Be Alright
Chapter 20
Chapter 20, Volume 3
Title It Will Be Alright
Daijoubu desu
Release date May 4, 2009
Anime episode Episode 8
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It Reminded Me
We Got Over It

It Will Be Alright is the twentieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise and Kasamatsu finally arrive and are surprised to see that the score is 12-0 (Seirin has 0). Kasamatsu comments that Seirin is a slow starter, and Kagami is usually the one who gets things going. However, today, Tsugawa has completely boxed Kagami; moreover, he taunts Kagami. Without thinking, Kagami charges and earns his second foul. Everyone wants him to calm down. Riko calls a timeout and tells the boys that Seiho is using old martial arts for their defensive techniques. One of their styles is namba running. Nevertheless, Kagami says he will stop Tsugawa because Tsugawa is only human. Kuroko and Izuki note that he’ll do what he has to do to stop him. Up against Tsugawa again, he’s determined to defeat him. Breaking past Tsugawa, he yells that basketball is basketball no matter what tricks Seiho uses. When he scores, Seirin is overjoyed whereas Seiho is shocked. Tsugawa is unfazed though; he states that the fun and pain are just beginning.

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This chapter’s first page is in color thanks to the manga’s popularity.