​Jin-hyun Choi (최진현 Choi Jin-hyun) is an exchange student from South Korea and regular at the Fukuda Sōgō Academy team. Based on his stature and role within the Kaijō High vs Fukuda Sōgō Academy match, it can be assumed that he plays the Power Forward position.


Choi is a slender male of above average height, having lean, refined limbs and a noticeably slim face with a chiseled jaw. He possesses medium-length dark brown hair that is slightly spiked, large dark almond eyes and pale skin. He plays with the Fukuda Sōgō jersey number 12.


Like the rest of the starting line-up, Choi shows clear disdain at the blatant disrespect and foul treatment that Haizaki exhibits towards his teammates. Despite this, like the rest of the team, he puts up with Haizaki's verbal and physical abuse and stays out of his way.


​Winter Cup


He was introduced at the beginning of the Kaijō High vs Fukuda Sōgō Academy match. During the match against Kaijō High, he mostly stayed in the background and drew little attention to himself. During one of the time-outs, Haizaki violently shoved him out of his way, further exemplifying his complete disrespect towards his seniors and abusive treatment of them.

After Kaijō was declared the winner of the match, he, like the rest of his teammates barring Hideki Ishida, is not seen again.


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