Just What I Was Thinking is the one hundredth and nineteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On Seirin’s bench, at the end of the first quarter, Kuroko asks Riko to let him continue to play. Everyone is worried that Tōō Academy will figure out Vanishing Drive’s trick, but Riko answers they will take that chance. In the stands, Takao explains to Shutoku’s members the conditions required to achieve Vanishing Drive—mainly Kuroko redirecting his opponent’s vision to Kagami’s overwhelming presence. On Tōō Academy’s bench, Momoi explains the same thing to her team. However, Aomine openly refuses to go along with the “plan” they come up with. He declares that they couldn’t pass him even if “hell freezes over”.

As soon as the 2nd quarter begins, Aomine faces Kuroko. Murasakibara, Midorima, Akashi, and Kise all watch as Aomine speaks to Kuroko. Aomine states he’s glad Tetsu understands—they really do get along when it comes to basketball. Kuroko agrees and does his Vanishing Drive. However, everyone watches stunned as Aomine moves with eyes closed in conjunction with Kuroko’s rhythm and breathing. Opening his eyes, Aomine announces that it’s too bad. He steals the ball and effortlessly scores. Facing Kuroko, Aomine proclaims to a dumbfounded Kuroko that he can’t beat him—a shadow cannot exist without the light.

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