Just an Appetizer
Chapter 42
Chapter 42, Volume 5
Title Just an Appetizer
Zenza ya
Release date September 28, 2009
Anime episode Episode 15
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Just an Appetizer is the forty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Momoi remembers Kuroko’s words and hopes he can do it (bring Aomine back to his old self). The day of the match against Tōō Academy, all of the Seirin members are getting ready in their own way. Kagami feels that his legs have gotten better. Many people are coming to see the match. Shutoku’s basketball team also arrives at the arena. Midorima sends a text message saying he doesn’t want to watch. They know that out of the two matches being played today, the one between Tōō Academy and Seirin is critical.

In Tōō Academy’s locker room, Wakamatsu is fuming that Aomine isn’t here yet. Momoi can’t believe it, and she steps out of the room to call him. In a sleepy voice, Aomine tells her he’s still at school. He says he’ll be there by the second half; that’s all the time he needs to defeat losers like Seirin. He adds that the rest of the team should work hard in the first half.

Riko addresses Seirin. She tells them to give everything they’ve got. Hitting Koganei, she states there’s no way they can slack off and think it’s okay to lose a game.

On the court when both teams are warming up, Kagami notices that Aomine isn’t there. He asks Wakamatsu about him; Wakamatsu replies that “the self-centered” Aomine isn’t coming until the second half. Imayoshi adds that they are just the opening act. Once the Tōō Academy's players walk away, Izuki asks Kagami if he’s disappointed. He also asks if this will affect his fighting spirit. Kagami replies that it’s the opposite. He is so angry right now that he’ll rapidly score and make their ace look like an idiot. Aomine won’t be able to catch up no matter how hard he tries. Kuroko agrees; Aomine is dangerous, and they should score as much as they can before he arrives.

However, once the game starts, Seirin realizes how wrong they were. Tōō Academy is strong and fast even without Aomine. Seirin won’t be able to score that easily. Hyuuga tells Imayoshi that he’s pretty evil to say they’re just the ‘opening act’. But Imayoshi replies he didn’t lie; Seirin will find out once Aomine gets here.

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This chapter is a little longer than usual.