Kōji Hiraiwa (平岩 幸治 Hiraiwa Kōji) is the coach of the Shinkyō Academy.


Hiraiwa is a middle-aged man with short gray hair that he parts in the middle. He wears a light purple buttoned shirt.


He has an intimidating personality, even scaring Papa Mbaye Siki. When his team is losing, he can easily get angered and frustrated.


Interhigh preliminaries

During Shinkyō's match against Seirin in the Interhigh preliminaries first round, he coaches his team. In the time-out between the first and second quarter, he motivates his players that they will win by relying on Papa. Tanimura comments on his coach by saying that if they lose, training the next day will be even thougher.[1] He hasn't been seen since.


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 15, page 10


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