Kaijō High vs Shūtoku High
Anime | Manga
Third place match
Type Winter Cup third place match
Winner Shūtoku High
Final Score 54 – 96
Kaijō High Shūtoku High
Notable players
Kaijō High Ryōta Kise (out)
Yukio Kasamatsu
Yoshitaka Moriyama
Mitsuhiro Hayakawa
Kōji Kobori
Shinya Nakamura
Shūtoku High Shintarō Midorima
Kazunari Takao
Taisuke Ōtsubo
Kiyoshi Miyaji
Shinsuke Kimura
Manga Chapters 230231
Anime Episode 67
Previous Kaijō vs Seirin
Next Seirin vs Rakuzan

Kaijō High vs Shūtoku High is the Winter Cup third place match. It pitches both losing teams from the WC semi-finals against each other to determine the third and fourth place of the tournament.



1st Half

By the end of the first half of the match, Shūtoku is dominating Kaijō with a 21 point lead. The key reason for this is due to the absence of Kaijō's ace Ryōta Kise, who has a leg injury. Without their ace, Kaijō is unable to stop Midorima. Despite the odds, Kaijō hangs on and continues to make Shūtoku play to its full strength, showing everyone what basketball passion is really about.[1]

2nd Half

The second match ends quickly as Shūtoku overwhelms Kaijō, mostly due to Midorima's plays. After the match ends, Midorima approaches Kise and tells him that their match is postponed.


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