Kazami Junior High vs Teikō Junior High
Kazami Junior High vs Teiko Junior High
Type Nationals group stage match
Winner Teikō Junior High
Final Score 59 – 78
Kazami Junior High Teikō Junior High
Notable players
Kazami Junior High None
Teikō Junior High Tetsuya Kuroko
Daiki Aomine
Seijūrō Akashi
Shintarō Midorima
Atsushi Murasakibara
Ryōta Kise
Shūzō Nijimura
Manga Chapter 215
Previous Teikō vs Kōen
Next Teikō vs Kamizaki
Kazami Junior High vs Teikō Junior High was the second match of the group stage in Teikō's Nationals course.

This match was similar to the previous group stage game, Teikō vs Kōen. The pressure of Teikō's policy fell onto the team's shoulders and their play was uneasy. They chose to rest their second-yeras early and play out the third-years. Nijimura and his teammates played it safe and won with an acceptable point difference.[1]


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 215, page 17