Kazuhiro Mochizuki (望月 和宏 Mochizuki Kazuhiro) is Fukuda Sōgō Academy's regular shooting guard.


Mochizuki has a bald head and wears the Fukuda Sōgō uniform #11. He is of average height and build.


Just like his teammates, Mochizuki is drawn back and powerless against Haizaki. When Haizaki had hit him, Mochizuki did nothing to defend himself or even fight back.


Winter Cup


During the match against Kaijō High, Mochizuki scores the first two points for Fukuda Sōgō with a scoop shot against Hayakawa.[1] He is later seen surprised to see that Kise copied his move.

Later on in the match, Haizaki rashly steals Mochizuki scoop shot in an attempt to counter Kise's Perfect Copy. Mochizuki is seen looking startled.[2]


Kazuhiro's Scoop Shot

Mochizuki's scoop shot

Scoop shot

As a shooting guard, it is presumed that Mochizuki specializes at outside shots. He has also seen doing a scoop shot, an underhand shot that is difficult to block.[1] It is the same move that Kasuga possesses. But Michizuki's version is closer to a standing finger roll because his body can't jump forward due to the Hayakawa defending him.


According to KUROFES:

  • His motto: "Knock on the stone bridge before crossing it" (meaning: Look before you leap)
  • Favorite food: Ebi chili
  • Hobby: Radio control
  • His specialty: Calligraphy


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