Keisuke Kobayashi (小林 圭介 Kobayshi Keisuke) is the former point guard and ace of Ōnita High.


Kobayashi is a tall youngster with a wide posture. He has dark brown, spiky hair, with strands reaching his eyes. His eyes are narrow and also light brown. He plays with the number 7.


Winter Cup

Round 1

Kobayashi appears before the match against Shūtoku High. Alexandra Garcia notices that he looks strong and this is confirmed by Junpei Hyūga, who says that he excels in passing and is a goal getter. Unfortunately, his team had to play against Shūtoku and were defeated with 109 – 71.[1]


Kobayashi is the ace of a national-level team and both Alexandra and Hyūga noticed that he has above average skill, though far from the Generation of Miracles' level.


  • According to KUROFES
    • His motto: "Dust amassed will make a mountain"
    • His favorite food is yakiniku (grilled meat)
    • His hobby is karaoke
    • His specialty is eating immediately after he wakes up


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 141, page 17


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